1-preserved boxwood“Welcome to The Boxwood Collection” is what you hear upon entering this upscale gift boutique where the emphasis is on making customers feel special. Sandi Kroh, former Baltimore County educator, is living her dream of owning a store by doing and selling what she loves.

Located on Railroad Avenue in historic Glyndon, Maryland, Sandi’s passion is evident in everything you see and feel in the store. Filled with Polish Pottery, tabletop accessories, gourmet foods, classic and funky jewelry and handbags, the store offers a unique shopping experience. Special “Sandi touches” will conclude your visit as each gift is wrapped beautifully to fit the occasion.

The Boxwood Collection is dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift making certain that shopping at TBC is truly a unique experience! We love our customers and hope you will love shopping at The Boxwood Collection. Just 30 minutes from Baltimore, we’re waiting to welcome you.